Austrian startup Revo Foods, which already has several seafood alternatives in the market, is launching a new plant-based tuna spread as well as salmon spread in Austria supermarkets later this month.

The plant-based tuna spread is the first product which was developed with a technology the company describes as "fiber dispension."

Fiber dispension enables the combination of plant-based proteins into individual fiber strands, "which creates a bite and mouth-feel which is almost identical compared with conventional tuna," the company said.

The fiber dispension technology will also be used for more "ultra-realistic seafood" alternatives in the future, according to Revo Foods.

The company's first funding round of €1.5 million ($1.8 million) came in April 2021, and was used to advance the development of its 3D-printing capabilities for smoked salmon and more. A 3D-printed version of the salmon is not yet available commercially.

In May the company launched a plant-based alternative smoked salmon product into the UK market.

Last December, Revo Foods launched its alternative salmon in more than 70 test stores that are part of the REWE supermarket chain, one of Germany's biggest retailers with roughly 6,000 stores.

Since its launch in 2021, the company has nabbed several rounds of funding. Last August, it closed on €800,000 ($935,000) from Biogena Group investor and founder Albert Schmidbauer.