Austrian startup Revo Foods, which specializes in 3D food printing, is launching its plant-based alternative smoked salmon product into the UK market.

Consumers can now buy the product from London-based vegan online supermarket, GreenBay, the company announced on May 4.

"The UK is literally an island surrounded by the sea, yet the hottest new seafood product comes from … Austria. Quite ironic, if not sarcastic, which I’m sure British people love," said Robin Simsa, Revo Foods’ CEO.

Within six months of the launch of its first product, the Revo brand is now present in more that 15 European countries, including France, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

"Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the environmental and ethical impact of our diet, and they want to make better choices," added GreenBay co-CEO Paula Alcalde.

"Our aim is to facilitate this change, showing people how small swaps can have a huge impact."

In December, Revo Foods launched its salmon product in more than 70 test stores that are part of the REWE supermarket chain, one of Germany's biggest retailers with roughly 6,000 stores.

That rollout followed Revo Foods' introduction of 3D-printed product in Austrian supermarket chain Billa Plus in October.

Last year, the company also released the product in select restaurants and stores in Spain. In March 2021, the company did a test launch of its smoked salmon slices at Austria-based Budapest Bagel.

The company nabbed several rounds of funding over the course of 2021. In August, it closed on €800,000 ($935,000) from Biogena Group investor and founder Albert Schmidbauer.

That followed the company's first funding round of €1.5 million ($1.8 million) in April 2021, which was used to advance the development of its 3D-printing capabilities for smoked salmon and more.