As the news and features came thick and fast there was plenty of standout stories.

Among them NGO group Sea Shepherd has turned its sights on Cermaq, releasing drone footage of the recent algae-related die off at the salmon farmer's sites in British Columbia.

As IntraFish Editor Rachel Mutter reported 130,000 fish are dead at Cermaq's BC salmon farms.

In a typically probing column IntraFish Editorial Director Drew Cherry asked whether he was wrong when he asserted that the salmon industry couldn't be stopped. Did he speak too soon?

Meantime more pressure is being applied to salmon farms from Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson who said: 'Our objective is to shut them down' as he prepares a multi-pronged attack on the industry.

By contrast in the salmon industry a British tycoon is backing disgruntled Scottish Salmon Company shareholders concerned about being squeezed out as Faroe Islands-based salmon farmer Bakkafrost acquires the firm.

In the wider picture the seafood industry faces moment of truth on plastic packaging as retail pressure mounts.

In a scoop for Demi Korban the granddaughter of scuba diving legend and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau said she 'fully supports aquaculture done right.'

Still in Europe and Icelandic fishing giant Sildarvinnslan rejected allegations it sought Samherji's advice on how best to cheat Greenlanders in order to secure good will and fishing quotas.

Against this background Samherji's alleged involvement in the cash-for-quotas scandal puts Iceland’s global reputation in jeopardy, according to Transparency International, which monitors international corruption.

Across the Atlantic Ocean Bumble Bee filed for bankruptcy protection as FCF revealed it is buying the tuna canner's assets for $925 million. This came after IntraFish Executive Editor John Fiorillo had warned Buyer beware: Bumble Bee is no bargain at any price in his latest commentary.

Finally further afield in Asia a Grieg-backed firm revealed plans to build a land-based salmon facility in Japan.

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