US-based seafood processor Stavis Seafoods is launching a new "lifestyle seafood brand" targeted at consumers who rate sustainability above price and brand.

The new brand, SeaTru, aims to deliver seafood that is "truly traceable, truly responsible and truly delicious."

Using a vertically integrated, worldwide reach, SeaTru only includes products that meet certain brand standards and can clearly show a sustainable and socially responsible supply chain from ocean to plate.

The initial products in the SeaTru brand include retail-ready pasteurized crabmeat, fresh Norwegian salmon and the "Prime Cuts Portion Program," which includes high-quality salmon, halibut, swordfish and tuna portions.

In order to qualify for SeaTru, each product must be sourced from a sustainably certified, ranked or domestic fishery or from a fishery involved in a comprehensive improvement project. Every fishery must also be labor safe screened or audited to ensure it complies with the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) standards.

Stavis Seafoods plans on launching additional products in the SeaTru brand later this year, including traditional seafood recipes, cephalopod specialties, and lobster products, all of which meet the SeaTru brand standards.