The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) on Tuesday announced the creation of the new YouTube channel, AboutSeafood, which is designed to educate health care professionals and consumers about the role of seafood in the diet. NFI’s registered dietitian, Jennifer McGuire, hosts the channel.

“Seafood is one of the healthiest foods on the planet, yet confusion still exists about how much to eat, what pregnant women and children’s seafood diets should look like, and how fish fits into an overall eating pattern,” said McGuire.

The core videos on the channel feature McGuire with expert guests. “Through conversations with colleagues in the nutrition space, we hope to debunk myths and provide clarity about seafood.”

The channel also offers shorter videos in which McGuire shares quick facts about seafood nutrition.

“We’re certainly not new to this space – we’ve produced more than 600 videos on our primary NFI YouTube account, but having a channel specifically focused on health and nutrition, that brings in specialists from all over, is an exciting new video effort," said Lynsee Fowler, Communications manager for the US seafood trade group.