Insula-backed Danish seafood canner Amanda Seafoods landed an annual contract with the Danish retailer Coop one year after acquiring the seafood distributor Knud Sondergaard Fiskeeksport in Hvide, FodevareWatch reported.

"We have been running low on empty tanks in 2019 and it has been a frustrating start for us, because everyone wanted to start something before," Amanda Seafoods CEO Jesper Sorensen said.

"Now we have come to year one, and compared to this year, we will in 2020 -- at best -- triple the activities in Hvide Sande."

The Danish company expects to create 50 new local jobs, in addition to its staff of 25.

Amanda Seafoods also plans to move into the fresh segment by 2020.

In 2018, Insula acquired a minority stake in Amanda Seafoods, full ownership of Norwegian Knud Sondergaard Fiskeeksport, and also the totality of the shares of Danish company Hanstholm.

Amanda Seafoods took over another Danish seafood canner Bornholms in April as part of its plan to become the largest canner in the country.

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