Liechtenstein-based food processor Ospelt Foods is launching an investigation into a listeria outbreak that sparked a massive list of product recalls from two of the country’s supermarket chains.

Ospelt detected listeria monocytogenes through inspection leading the company to contact its retail customers and agree the wording of a statement.

“We are investigating and then we will communicate again,” an Ospelt spokesperson told IntraFish.

Consumers are being advised not to consume the products and return them to the outlet where they were purchased.

Listeria monocytogenes may be particularly harmful to pregnant women, very young, the very old, and people with weakened immune systems.

Migros announced the following recall of products:

  • 251363000000 - Saumon fume 250g
  • 251362100000 - Saumon épicé 100g
  • 251364240000 - Bio tartare de saumon norvégien avec herbes et vinaigrette 110g
  • 251361100000 - Saumon fumé écossais 100g
  • 251360400000- Tranches de saumon d'élevage 180g
  • 251362210000 - Sélection Saumon gravlax 100g

  • 251360103200 - ASC Tranches de saumon aux herbes 80g

  • 251360103100 - Saumon fumé novégien 75g
  • 251366300000 - Truite saumonée 90g
  • 251361300000 - Migros Bio saumon fumé 100g
  • 251361300100 -Bio Saumon fumé aux limes 100g
  • 251364700000 -Filet de dos de saumon fumé bio 130g
  • 251363770000- Saumon sauvage Coho MSC 100g
  • 251362220000 - MSC Saumon sauvage avec aneth 100g
  • 251363200000- MSC Saumon sauvage Sockeye 100g
  • 251361700000 -Bio Saumon fumé aux herbes 100g

Coop released the following list of recalled products without product numbers.

  • Coop Naturaplan Bio: Coeur de saumon fumé env. 110g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: MSC Tatare de saumon sauvage fumé avec sauce env. 100g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: Saumon fumé Écosse 120g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: Coupures de saumon fumé 180g
  • Prix Garantie: Saumon fumé Norvège 200g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: Saumon toast fumé 100g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: Saumon fumé Norvège 200g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: ASC Saumon fumé Norvège Lemon/Pepper 100g
  • Coop Naturaplan Bio: Saumon fumé Vanille 100g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: MSC Saumon sauvage Sockeye fumé 250g
  • Coop Qualité & Prix: MSC Saumon sauvage Sockeye fumé 100g
  • Fine Food: MSC Saumon sauvage Kenai fumé 100g
  • Mövenpick: MSC Saumon sauvage Coho fumé 120g
  • Mövenpick: MSC Tatare de saumon sauvage fumé avec sauce 130g
  • Mövenpick: Saumon fumé Islande 90g
  • ZENBU: Small Uramaki (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Salmon (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Gozen (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Maki Mix (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Salmon Poké (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Uramaki Mix (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Maru Maki (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Nigiri Small (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Nigiri Large (Sushi)
  • ZENBU: Nigiri & Small Uramaki (Sushi)

Ospelt's head office is situated n Bendern in the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein. From there the company oversees its other operations in Sargans, Weite, and Geroldswil in Switzerland and Apolda in Germany.


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