Fish is "trending” and the possibilities are endless for the category, according to André van Velzen, senior buyer for Superunie, a Dutch wholesale purchasing cooperative for 14 independent supermarket companies in the Netherlands. Van Velzen told IntraFish he has been at Superunie for the past 15 years, before which he was in the same position at Aldi Netherlands, and is responsible for buying all fresh fish products for Superunie. The 14 supermarket companies that form part of Superunie are made up of multiple formulas including brand licensing franchises, and in total Superunie supplies more than 1,800 stores and has a Dutch market share of about 30 percent. Many of the supermarket chains associated with Superunie are family businesses, with specific commercial strength in their various local markets in the Netherlands and are able to compete with powerful national supermarket chains. Van Velzen said the company’s “mission” is to buy only Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) or “comparable” sustainable products. “Fish is trending, and more and more species are possible to sell,” said van Velzen. He said a great seafood supplier is one who has “100 percent quality of supply, 100 percent volume guarantee, great innovations, and a good raw material network." And if there is one thing the seafood industry could do better, according to van Velzen, it is to focus on “100 percent transparency.” Superunion is co-signatory to the