UK-based shellfish supplier the Big Prawn Co. is partnering with family-run business The Happy Prawn Co. to promote Big & Happy brand Indonesian black tiger shrimp, which will be available in UK retail giant Morrison's for just one week.

"We started our brand really last year, whereby we created a platform for sustainable and traceable prawn farming in Indonesia," said Aanisah Idriss, the daughter of Happy Prawn co-founders Azher and Rosida, and the company's marketing and sales director.

Happy Prawn rose from the need to create a community for the farmers based on transparency.

The company -- which farms in Indonesia -- also works with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) as well as the Sustainable Seafood Coalition to ensure it is producing seafood while protecting the community in which it operates.

The Big Prawn Co. sought a collaboration with Happy Prawn as a way to give back to the communities from which it sources, Idriss told IntraFish.

"The main reason for the collaborative campaign is to gauge a response and show that sustainable seafood goes a long way," Idriss said.

"We want to come out of the campaign saying, 'look retailers, it works, consumers do care about where there food comes from.'"

From each pack sold, a small amount of money is donated to the Orangutan Survival Foundation, which Happy Prawn has already been supporting.

The company did not disclose where the products will be available after the one-week collaboration with Morrison's ends.

"We want others to switch to sourcing seafood from producers that use sustainable and responsible methods as well as support other organizations who promote that," Idriss said.

The Idriss farm is also Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified as is subject of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) latest film project.