Nearly a month after announcing it was expanding its membership for the first time since 2004 to include several new Bering Seas catcher vessel co-ops, the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) association said Thursday it has reorganized and committed $10 million (€8.6 million) for new marketing initiatives.

"The reorganization includes expansion of the GAPP membership to all those involved in the fishing and primary processing of wild Alaska pollock, the commitment to a CEO-level board of directors able to make swift decisions, and a minimum commitment of $10 million in new marketing initiatives," the group announced.

“GAPP now has a clear and focused mission: to ensure the world’s chefs and consumers understand how sustainable, delicious and versatile this remarkable resource is," said Mikel Durham, chair of GAPP and CEO of major Alaska pollock producer American Seafoods.

The restructuring includes the expansion of its membership to include Alaska pollock catcher vessel associations and community development quota (CDQ) groups; the organization now includes harvesters and processors in all sectors of the Alaska pollock industry.

GAPP has also moved to an 11-seat executive board of CEOs and senior company executives, with Durham serving as chair; and Doug Christensen, president and CEO of Arctic Storm Management Group, as Secretary/Treasurer.

In addition to Durham and Christensen, the board includes: Karl Bratvold, Starbound; Mike Breivik, Glacier Fish Company; Joe Bundrant, Trident Seafoods; Jim Carroll, North Pacific Seafoods; Bob Desautel, Global Seas; Jim Donahue, UniSea; Mark Franklin, Golden Alaska Seafoods; Mark JoHahnson, Westward Seafoods; and Paul Peyton, Western Alaska Community Development Association.


In October, GAPP will lead a program with the Japanese surimi seafood industry aimed at communicating the origin and quality of kamaboko products made with AlaskapPollock. Plans also call for providing secondary processors, retailers and foodservice operators in North America with access to marketing innovation funds to help convince consumers to choose Alaska pollock.

The group said Thursday its North American program will focus on developing partnerships in two areas:

  • Development of Alaska pollock as a replacement protein option in foodservice and retail
  • Moving Alaska pollock products beyond the traditional options and into new spaces in retail, new menu items in foodservice and new channels.

Since 2014, GAPP's marketing budget has seen significant increases.

Member dues (which make up most of GAPP's revenue) shot up from $255,286 (€219,196) in 2014 to nearly $1.08 million (€927,972 million) in 2016, according to IRS 990 tax forms.

Compensation paid to Shanahan Strategic Communications for marketing also increased from $158,455 (€136,207) in 2014 to $414,003 (€355,874) in 2016, according to the 990 forms.

Pat Shanahan, owner of Shanahan Strategic Communications, is acting as executive director of GAPP during the reorganization, she told IntraFish.