Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF), producer of the vegan tuna brand Tuno, said Tuesday it's backing away from its earlier threat of a lawsuit against Diversfied Communications, which owns the annual Seafood Expo North America show set for March in Boston this year.

The company said last month Diversified violated its first amendment rights, denying it entrance as an exhibitor by restricting the show "to seafood producers.”

Specific details as to why ANF declined to pursue a suit were not provided by the company, but Tuno's founder expressed disappointment in not being allowed to participate this year.

"It is outrageous that Atlantic Natural Foods is not allowed to participate, as we have new ocean-based products that we were planning to unveil at this annual event," said J. Douglas Hines, chairman of ANF.

"We are extremely disappointed but hopeful that this dialogue will continue to challenge key decision makers in the food chain to work toward new product innovation that responds to the world's environmental needs and requirements—not just those furthering their personal agendas."