In a month that saw the heady combination of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber top the popular music charts, IntraFish readers displayed far better judgement in our very own seafood news ranking.

Filling our No. 1 slot, the news that the US Food & Drug Administration is to allow broader omega-3 health claims was widely welcomed by seafood companies selling into the United States in June, with a top nutrition expert telling IntraFish the news would present a "breakthrough" for the sector.

Also in great news, IntraFish got the chance to sit down with a senior Walmart buyer at the Seaweb Seafood Summit in Bangkok, making for high-hitting reads and a clear message on what the purchasing giant expects from suppliers.

But Walmart wasn't the only big name featured in the seafood news charts last month. Executive Editor John Fiorillo broke the news of which company is to land a lucrative Whole Foods contract in the wake of the closure of supplier Pigeon Cove, and London reporter Demi Korban got the scoop on a $30 million investment by oil giant BP in Calysta's alternative protein venture, putting aquaculture firmly in the spotlight of big industry.

From big names, to big questions, our columns last month didn't fail to disappoint, with Editor Rachel Mutter questioning the role of NGOs in the seafood sector after an interesting if tense week at the aforementioned Seaweb Seafood Summit, and Senior Reporter Lola Navarro hitting a nerve by asking if the land-based aquaculture industry is a bubble set to burst.

While I'm sure some in the sector are hoping that is exactly what it is, others are certainly heavily invested in the opposite outcome, with news last month that a new US land-based salmon farmer is about to deliver its first fish.

Staying in the salmon world, we rounded up the most efficient salmon farmers of the first quarter, and gave our readers an exclusive low-down on a new Patagonia film targeting the Chilean salmon industry, which we managed to hold of a leaked copy of.

We also heard the financiers' analysis of land-based salmon production from DNB, who gave Atlantic Sapphire's US project a controversial 40 percent chance of success; announced the continued affects of the now waning algal bloom in northern Norway; and heard the somewhat coincidental news that it happened to be an anti-salmon farming campaigner that allegedly found a sea louse on a salmon fillet in a Loblaw-owned Canadian supermarket.

Also in less than positive news, Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry broke the story that the United States has downgraded Vietnam in its latest labor-abuse report and, a late entry in the month, that the Stavis Seafoods CEO is leaving after a short stint at the top.

Also, sticking in North America, we reported the news that Fortune Fish has acquired a distributor, that High Liner is suing ex-Rubicon execs for poaching Kroger and that Glacier Fish's plans for a major seafood hub have been derailed.

But that is just a taste of the news, analysis and insight we featured on IntraFish last month.

Here's a list of the top 20:

1. FDA to allow broader omega-3 health claims

Decision is a 'breakthrough' for companies marketing the connection between seafood and healthy omega-3s, top nutrition expert tells IntraFish.

2. Walmart buyer: We want seafood suppliers to drive change

Walmart Senior Buying Manager Trevyr Lester talks to IntraFish about the retail giant's approach to responsible sourcing and how suppliers can step up to the plate.

3. Which salmon farmer is the most efficient this year?

Here's a breakdown of the most efficient, profitable companies and regions based on earnings per kilo through the first quarter.

4. Will the land-based aquaculture bubble burst?

Without standardization, only a handful of companies stand a chance while many others are doomed to fail.

5. Distributor nabs Whole Foods supply contract in wake of Pigeon Cove closure

Whole Foods is closing its Massachusetts processing facility, but has found a nearby supplier to meet its needs.

6. Stavis Seafoods CEO departs

Executive leaves after short stint at the top.

7. Big Oil discovers aquaculture, pumps $30 million into feed venture

Oil giant BP joins backers that include Cargill, Mitsui and Aqua-Spark -- putting the emerging technology on a fast-track to commercial success, CEO tells IntraFish in an exclusive interview.

8. Upcoming Patagonia film opens new front in farmed salmon war

An unauthorized copy of the documentary leaked to IntraFish paints a harsh portrait of the Chilean salmon industry, and could lead to unprecedented new pressure from critics.

9. New US land-based salmon farmer ready to deliver its first fish

Company's backers include former head Safeway seafood buyer and other retail execs.

10. Fortune Fish acquires distributor

Fortune will continue to operate the business out of the Classic Provisions facility in Plymouth, Minnesota, until it transitions into Fortune Fish’s Minneapolis facility in late summer 2019.

11. Skretting CEO on feed alternatives: 'We cannot afford to finance the cost'

12. High Liner sues ex-Rubicon execs for poaching Kroger

13. Glacier Fish's plans for major seafood hub derailed

14. DnB analysts: Atlantic Sapphire's project has 40% chance of success

15. Anti-salmon farm campaigner posts picture of sea lice on Loblaw salmon fillet

16. Algal bloom wipes out hundreds of salmon at Leroy's Aurora sites

17. US downgrades Vietnam in latest labor-abuse report

18. LETTER: RAS will oust traditional salmon farms

19. VIDEO: See the moment this Norwegian processing plant is slammed by landslide

20. Seafood NGOs have a lovely view from their ivory tower