More than 56,000 fish outlived the disastrous rockslide that is blocking the Fraser River near Lillooet in British Colombia, while crew members continue to clear the way for the other salmon to return to their spawning grounds.

About 12,000 salmon already made it upstream through channels formed by blasting the rocks while another 44,000 fish were moved via helicopter, Department of Fisheries and Oceans' Michael Crowe told The Canadian Press.

Since the slide was found in late June, British Colombia officials from the federal and provincial governments have been taking necessary action to save the fish ever since.

However, muddy water and fish movement make it difficult to find out how many salmon are trapped downstream from the slide, Crowe said. Government officials confirmed earlier that millions of salmon typically reach there at this time of year.

Crew members are installing a fish ladder and exploring more ways to move the salmon by truck.

"Nothing is off the table unless it's determined as not being feasible," Crowe said. "We are looking at any and all options."