Icelandic fishing vessels landed 15.6 percent more fish in 2018 compared to the year prior. The catch was worth around ISK 128 billion (€922.9 million/$1 billion), according to the latest figures from Statistics Iceland.

The volume landed in 2018 reached 1.25 million metric tons, a 6.7 percent increase in volume compared to the year before.

Demersal catches increased by 12 percent to 480,000 metric tons, which were worth ISK 91 billion (€656.1 million/$728.8 million). Pelagic catches climbed under 3 percent to 739,000 metric tons worth ISK 24.5 billion (€176.7 million/$196.2 million).

Of the demersal catches, the most popular species was cod, reaching 275,017 metric tons in volume, an 8.7 percent jump compared to the year prior and a value of ISK 57.4 billion (€413.9 million/$459.7 million), a 16.2 percent rise.