Embattled Samherji CEO and founder Thorsteinn Mar Baldvinsson has stepped down from the board of directors of all UK subsidiaries with ties to Samherji.

According to UK Companies House, Baldvinsson was listed as a director of at least UK subsidiaries. He has stepped down from all of them.

Resignations were filed Tuesday, with Baldvinsson stepping down from UK Fisheries, Seagold, Boyd Line Limited, Lionman Limited, Marr Management Limited, J. Marr (Fishing) Limited, Wraggs Seafoods Limited, Collins (Seafoods) Limited, Onward Investment Limited, Collins Seafoods Richmond Limited, Kirkella Limited, Jacinta Limited and Armana Limited.

UK Fisheries is a 50/50 joint venture between Samherji and Dutch giant Parlevliet van der Plas, while Seagold is Samherji's UK marketing arm for the company's Ice Fresh-branded frozen products.

Baldvinsson also recently stepped down from the board of Norwegian harvesting company Nergard group, according to a report in E24, as well as a board post at Faroese firm Framherji.

These two are the latest exits by the executive from key positions, as Samherji undergoes investigations by Namibian authorities for bribery.

Baldvinsson temporarily stepped down from his CEO role in Samherji earlier this month.

Just before Baldvinsson stepped aside, Samherji distanced itself from its former managing director in Namibia, Johannes Stefansson, after he made serious bribery allegations against the company.

WikiLeaks published more than over 30,000 documents (the first of two batches) it said it obtained from a whistleblower within Samherji.

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