Already awaiting the outcome of Brexit negotiations, Scottish seafood processors under the Scottish Seafood Association are demanding seafood trade remain free from tariffs while retaining access to labor.

“We are urging ministers in the forthcoming negotiations to balance the needs of the processing sector for continued unfettered access to EU markets with the expectations of the catching sector," said SSA Chief Executive Jimmy Buchan.

The SSA currently represents 81 small, medium and large processors.

According to the Scottish government's modeling of the impact of Brexit, Scotland's seafood sector could lose up to £85 million ($110 million/€100 million) in output and 429 jobs. Additionally, migrant workers from the rest of the European Economic Area make up 48 percent of the workforce across the sector.

The association has long opposed the impacts of Brexit, last year warning that the move would cause disruptions at the English Channel, reported by the Press and Journal.