A Dutch company owned by Baldvin Thorsteinsson has reached an agreement to buy the assets of Alda Seafood, the foreign operations division of Icelandic fishing giant Samherji.

Baldvin is the son of Samherji CEO Thorsteinn Mar Baldvinsson.

Alda Seafood was established in 2018 when the domestic and foreign operations of Samherji were separated into two independent companies. Alda Seafood was tasked with managing the company's fishing assets in Europe and North America.

Thorsteinn, who has been the CEO of Alda Seafood since 2021, will continue to manage the company under his own banner. The headquarters of the company will remain in Europe.

Thorsteinsson replaced Haraldur Gretarsson as managing director of Samherji's European operations after almost three decades at the company.

Samherji's foreign assets include UK Fisheries, the owner and operator of the UK's last distant-water whitefish trawler, Kirkella. UK fisheries is a 50/50 joint venture between Samherji and Dutch giant Parlevliet van der Plas (P&P).

The foreign assets also include the trawler Cuxhaven NC owned by Deutsche Fischfang Union in Germany.