US President Donald Trump said he would "listen to both sides" at a news conference Wednesday when asked whether he would stop permitting for the massive Pebble Mine project in the Bristol Bay salmon fishing region of Alaska.

"I’ve listened to both sides. I don’t know of the argument yet, but I would certainly listen to both sides," he told reporters when asked how he would respond to a tweet from his son, Donald Trump Jr. that expressed opposition to the Pebble Mine project that could harm Alaska's most valuable salmon fishery.

"My son has some very strong opinions and he is very much an environmentalist. I will look at both sides of it," Trump said.

Last month the US Army Corps of Engineers released its Final Environment Impact Statement (EIS) for the controversial Pebble Mine proposed for Alaska's Bristol Bay, angering fishermen and local residents, including Native groups, who have been protesting the project for more than a decade.

The Trump administration has so far been streamlining the permitting process, which was dead under the Obama Administration.

Trump said Wednesday there would be a briefing about the issue sometime in the next 48 hours, without referencing the specific agency that would do the briefing.

"It's going to go very quickly," he said. "I’ve done a lot for Alaska. I love Alaska, it’s a special place."

Watch the video where Trump comments on Alaska about 43 minutes into the press briefing.