Peruvian fishing vessels have so far caught more than 60 percent of their second season 2022 quota in north-central waters, according to data provided by the Marine Ingredients Organization (IFFO).

This means over 1.4 million metric tons of anchovy have been landed, Enrico Bachis, market research director at the fishmeal and fish oil trade group, told IntraFish.

After a lengthy delay, Peru's Ministry of Production (Produce) authorized a 2.283 million metric ton anchovy quota for the second season of 2022 in north central waters with one week remaining in November.

While the quota is an 11.5 percent increase over the same season last year, harvesting frequently spills over into the following calendar year.

"With the current pace the quota could be fulfilled by the end of the month, but weather in January can be challenging in Peru," Bachis said.

"So we can only wait and see what the fishing vessels manage to catch in the coming weeks."

In late July, Peru wrapped up the first 2022 anchovy season in north central waters with 84 percent or more than 2.34 million metric tons of anchovy quota caught.

Separately, On Jan. 2 Peru's production ministry authorized a first season catch quota of 337,000 metric tons in the South American nation's much smaller southern fishing zone for 2023.

Vessels have until June 30 to land allocated southern zone first season harvests.

As a main producer Peru's anchovy quota announcements are always keenly awaited by the fishmeal industry and aquafeed producers keen to know how they might impact prices of their main raw materials.