Norwegian startup Wavefoil has developed retractable bow foils for vessels. The technology is designed to save significant costs on fuel and improve comfort aboard a vessel. In September, this technology was installed on a Faroese ferry.

The wings could also potentially work well on fishing trawlers, the company said.

The product was developed thanks to support from research organizations as well as private capital.

"The testing has been great. It has been above all expectations," Wavefoil General Manager Erik Bockmann told IntraFish's sister publication, Tekfisk. "The effect at low speed has been a bit uncertain and it had to be tested on a full scale. It turned out that the foils work better in low speed in real life than in model experiments."

According to Wavefoil CTO Audun Yrke, the "test trip" for the ferry had been cancelled, so the first time the technology was piloted with the foil wings, passengers were on board. Fortunately, he said, the technology worked well with the movement of the boat stabilizing immediately.

"It is important to us that [our product] is reliable, works well and provides a good user experience."

The company expects to reduce fuel costs by up to 10 percent, although this has yet to be confirmed.

The installation took approximately three weeks, although Yrke also expects that it would have been "easier" on a fishing boat.

Trawlers in particular may be able to benefit from this technology, he said, as they can have difficulty maintaining speed and direction against waves.