The Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries has set the total allowable catch (TAC) for male king crab at 2,375 metric tons for 2023, in-line with the advice from the Institute of Marine Research (IMR).

This is an increase of 28 percent, or 530 metric tons, from 2022.

“We are fishing a lot of king crab but at a sustainable level,” said Norway’s Fisheries Minister Bjornar Skjaeran.

“This is in line with the management objective of limiting the spread of king crab, while at the same time ensuring a profitable catch.”

King crab is a product that fetches a very high price in the market, and increased catches of king crab will contribute to more value creation in the North, Skjaeran added.

Additionally, the quota for female king crabs has been set at 120 metric tons in 2023.

The TACs apply to the quota-regulated area in Finnmark.