One of Greenland's top politicians is calling on Polar Seafood to stop all of its activities in Russia in response to the country's invasion of Ukraine, according to Greenland-based news site Sermitsiaq.

Jens-Frederik Nielsen, chairman of Greenland's Demokraatit party, said the company's continued operation in Russia undermines efforts to pressure Russia to withdraw its campaign against Ukraine.

Despite some job losses from the move, what matters most is to break Russia and to create peace in Europe again, Nielsen told Sermitsiaq.

Several other Western companies -- such as furniture giant Ikea, feed group BioMar, whitefish processor Espersen, salmon farmer Bakkafrost and and fellow Greenlandic group Royal Greenland -- have stopped dealing with Russia following its attack on Ukraine.

Polar Seafood, the largest privately held company in Greenland, sells primarily North Atlantic wild seafood into several countries across Europe out of multiple offices.

Among those is Polar Seafood Ukraine, where managing director and shareholder Nitesh Pal and his staff have been among the citizens that have been forced to leave homes as a result of the Russian incursion.

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