Scottish ministers warned UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson of a legal "loophole" that could harm the country's fish ports and processing sector because it would allow Scottish vessels to register under ports in Northern Ireland, which would keep them under the EU's customs union, reported The National.

During the House of Commons hearing, the Scottish National Party's (SNP) Brendan O’Hara urged the Prime Minister to admit his agreement with Brussels would impact the Scottish fishing industry.

The Prime Minister replied by stating that Scottish fisheries will have a "fantastic opportunity" to "take back control of their coastal waters" in the coming future.

He added that this would not be possibe under the policy of the SNP, which would give control back to Brussels.

Earlier this week, IntraFish reported that UK and European seafood industries remain in the dark following votes Tuesday in the UK parliament that left the situation surrounding the UK's withdrawal from the trade bloc deadlocked.

The Scottish Fishermen's Federation recently voiced its support for an agreement reached between the United Kingdom and European Union on Thursday, which will facilitate the United Kingdom's exit from the Common Fisheries Policy and its becoming an independent coastal state.