Whitefish giant Samherji's Namibian subsidiary, Saga Seafood, let go 210 employees as part of a company shutdown, reports the Namibian.

Saga Seafood Manager Jacky Thiardt announced there was nothing the company could do because none of Saga Seafood's quotas have been renewed. In 2019, according to Thiardt, the company had a "catch agreement" with Fishcor, which was not renewed in the new year.

“That is all we can do at the moment. This workforce sitting here today is the best in these waters. They got good training, but unfortunately we have to let them go,” she said.

The company has paid the fishermen two weeks' salary while offshore, following an agreement signed between Namibian labor unions and Saga.

Samherji's plans to divest its business from Namibia has been known for a while.

"As before stated, the companies in question will honor their obligations towards all employees. All personnel will be treated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations," said interim Samherji CEO Bjorgolfur Johannsson.

There was also concern from Namibia about the whitefish giant selling off the vessel Heinaste, which was caught up in a legal dispute.

Earlier in February, Samherji reported that the legal dispute was finally resolved in court, and that the company would be chartering the vessel to Namibian operators "at least temporarily."

But on Feb. 10, Nambian seized the Heinaste for the second time, in the wake of the ongoing Fishrot scandal.

Two other Samherji vessels have already been removed from Namibian waters. The Saga is reportedly undergoing maintenance work, which was planned "a while back," while the Geysir is currently fishing in Mauritania.