Atlantic Sapphire is employing Trump administration-linked lobbyist Ballard Partners for help with "economic development opportunities for domestic aquaculture and issues related to trade," according to a June 18 federal disclosure.

Firm Founder Brian Ballard and lobbyist Jose Diaz will act as Atlantic Sapphire's lobbyists in Florida.

During the 2016 presidential election, Ballard was chairman of the Trump Victory fundraising committee. He was selected to be the vice chairman of Trump’s inaugural committee and a part of the presidential transition finance committee.

Norwegian finance firm Nordea Markets sees Atlantic Sapphire as the most promising land-based salmon project based on its growth, valuation and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) credentials.

Based on a slew of recently announced projects, the United States could potentially produce 325,000 metric tons of land-based salmon across nine publicly known facilities.

Atlantic Sapphire is expected to produce around 67 percent of that, in its Miami facility.

May 5 marked Atlantic Sapphire's much anticipated first day of trading on the Oslo Stock Exchange main market Oslo Bors under the ticker ASA.

The company's share price rose 17 percent to NOK 114.50 (€10.00/$11.00) on May 4, setting the company's current market capitalization at NOK 8.1 billion (€713 million/$780 million).

The move away from the smaller, less-regulated Merkur market will provide Atlantic Sapphire's shares with greater liquidity for both its existing shareholders, and give potential investors more confidence in the company's ability to raise money and its ability to trade.

Who are the top land-based salmon suppliers?

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