Norwegian billionaire Johan Andresen, whose investment fund, Ferd, is already deep into the aquaculture sector, is ready to deploy even more of his capital into the seafood sector.

The fund, co-owned by Johan and daughters Alexandra and Katharina -- recently ranked among the world's 10 youngest billionaires -- already has an extensive portfolio, but has identified seafood as a core area to grow.

According to IntraFish sister publication, CEO Morten Borge said the group is eager to find long-term opportunities, and that "when more companies eventually need new capital and partners, Ferd will be ready."

The company has NOK 10 billion ($1 billion/€927.6 million) to invest, and seafood is among core areas including health, renewable energy, technology and real estate.

Among its varied assets, Ferd helped fund the establishment of seafood investment group Broodstock Capital Partners in 2016, and earlier this year increased its stake to 65 percent. The company has held several other seafood-related investments, including equity stakes in salmon farming companies.

The Andresen's roots run deeper than Ferd, however. Their grandfather founded one of the earliest salmon farming groups in Norway, and invested in seabass and seabream processing in several Mediterranean companies as well.