Once again, IntraFish ranks the salaries of the CEOs of the largest public-listed seafood companies.

In general, for 2018, CEOs of seafood companies -- both fishing, and aquaculture -- did well over the year, with their salaries sometimes doubling and tripling with the addition of other income such as share-based compensation, and bonuses.

The highest base salary went once again to Mowi's CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog, who took home nearly $2.5 million in 2018 - while Mowi shareholders saw a profit of 12.7 percent on their investment over the year -- not bad.

So which seafood CEO is highest paid?

The chart below shows a comparison of CEO base salaries and total income reported by the companies in their financial results for the year.

Some companies under-performed in terms of investment profitability. In general, investment in Atlantic salmon stocks paid off over the period, although there were some remarkable changes year on year.

For example, Bakkafrost investors saw a negative return of 4.4 percent over the period, in contrast with a 48.3 percent profit on investment a year prior.

The Scottish Salmon Company investors saw a return on investment of 143.2 percent, the highest of the analysed companies.

*IntraFish has made every attempt to accurately reflect the full pay of the above executives, though some remunerations delivered in shares or other bonus schemes may not necessarily be disclosed.