Norwegian aquaculture health group Aqua Pharma has bought a 50 percent stake in Scottish sea lice treatment innovator Pulcea to fast-track its new technology's journey to commercialization.

“Traditionally, the Norwegian industry are great implementers of good ideas, and this investment from Aqua Pharma will take our sea lice technology from the current testing phase through to widespread commercialization as rapidly as COVID-19 restrictions permit,” said Pulcea Managing Director Ian Armstrong.

Pulcea's new method uses sound energy to improve the efficiency of existing farmed salmon sea lice treatments.

The current sea lice treatments include bathing the salmon in hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into water and oxygen.

Acoustic power coupled with hydrogen peroxide also allows the oxygen bubbles attached to the sea lice to oscillate, adding more damage to lice with limited stress on the fish.

Sea lice is a continuous challenge in the aquaculture industry, accounting for losses of €549 million ($593 million) each year.

Armstrong and Pulcea's Technical Director Ian Jamieson own the remaining 50 percent stake in the company.