UK-based marine technology company OTAQ Group unveiled plans to invest in aquaculture technology startup Minnowtech.

Minnowtech has developed an imaging system to enable shrimp farmers to measure shrimp abundance to optimize feeding.

By using the system, shrimp farmers can optimize the health and growth of their crops, enhancing the harvest of market-size shrimp, the company said.

“We believe aquaculture is the key to sustainable food production and are very excited to be involved in a technology specifically aimed at the shrimp sector. This investment fits very well within our strategy,” said OTAQ Group Chief Commercial Officer Chris Hyde.

OTAQ's investment validates the hard work that the Minnowtech team here has put into the technology, Suzan Shahrestani, founder and CEO of Minnowtech, said.

“Having access to their product development expertise and market knowledge is going be a great advantage for us," she added.