The Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco) has invested in Seattle-based salmon processor E&E Foods.

E&E Foods Chairman Tab Goto confirmed the investment with IntraFish, but declined to comment about further details.

Canfisco's Alaska operations are based in Bristol Bay, the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world. There it operates two plants, Alaska General Seafoods and Leader Creek Fisheries.

Alaska General Seafoods also operates in Ketchikan, Alaska.

E&E has been operating in the Seattle area since 1932 and has a large presence in Alaska with shoreside plants in Egegik (Coffee Point Seafoods), Kenai (Pacific Star Seafoods), and Yakutat (Yakutat Seafoods) and a floating processor (Cape Greig) in Bristol Bay and Kotzebue – supplying salmon, cod and halibut primarily.

The investment is the latest in a round of changes occurring for salmon processors in Alaska, with major shifts such as Maruha Nichiro-owned Peter Pan Seafoods, one of Alaska's oldest salmon processing companies, currently up for sale.

"It's an ever-changing environment, you have to be flexible," Goto said of economic conditions for seafood companies such as E&E in Alaska.

Last year Ken Ng, E&E’s chief operating officer, told IntraFish the company acquired Canon Fish to expand E&E as a consumer brand, and to broaden its Alaska product line.