Fish health group Akerbla has acquired Bergen, Norway-based environmental science consulting firm Radgivede Biologiger.

The companies will continue to operate separately, but plan to draw on each other's strengths.

"Together, Akerbla and Radgivede Biologiger will be able to provide an even better offer to the farming industry throughout the country and meet the needs of the industry in the fields of fish health, fish welfare, farming environment, environmental studies and farming technology," Akerbla CEO Roger Sorensen said.

Akerbla -- backed by private equity group Broodstock Capital -- is headquartered in Trodelag, Norway, and has 22 offices in the country.

Founded in 1987, Radgivede Biologiger sees the move as an opportunity to be able to offer a broader range of services at a national level.

"Radgivede Biologiger has grown a lot in recent years, which has given us some organizational growing pains," the company's Managing Director Geir Helge Johnsen said.

Akerbla's ownership is split between Broodstock Capital with 49 percent, Arild Kjerstad at 31.4 percent, Asgeir Ostvik at 17.05 percent, and Roger Sorensen with a 2.55 percent stake.