Aquaculture investor Hatch opened its fourth accelerator project on Feb. 12, backed by its $8.4 million (€7.7 million) fund focused on investing in technology that benefits the sustainability of the aquaculture sector.

The program will have a duration of 15 weeks starting in Hawaii on Aug. 17 and following the Hawaii-Bergen-Singapore route.

“We believe that currently the most important tasks are to improve the technological level of farming and to find alternatives to traditional feed ingredients – and thereby increase the sustainability of the sector,” Hatch Managing Partner Georg Baunach said.

Each of the accepted 10 companies will get $75,000 (€69,000) in cash investment as well as $55,000 (€50,000) in-kind value.

In August, Hatch attracted several industry experts to the board.

Hatch is the second venture capital next to Netherland-based Aqua-Spark completely dedicated to aquaculture.