The Australian subsidiary of feed giant Skretting, is teaming up with Indian biotech innovator String Bio for fish feeding trials of its Pro-DG, a protein produced from greenhouse gases.

Skretting Australia will test the new ingredient in aquaculture systems through feeding trials held in R&D facilities located across Australia and New Zealand.

String Bio has been working closely with Skretting since 2020 to speed up the process of developing a commercially accessible ingredient in line with Skretting's sustainability target of including 5-10 percent of novel ingredients in its feed formulations by 2025.

String Bio’s fermentation process allows for the conversion of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, into protein-based solutions.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s AR6 report, methane traps around 27 times the amount of heat in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide (CO2) and is responsible for a third of global warming.

In July 2022, String Bio announced a strategic development agreement with an Australian energy provider. String Bio set up its first multi-purpose gas fermentation facility in Bangalore, India, which can run on methane from both natural gas and biogas.

The current investment and collaboration will enable String Bio to further drive the market growth of its products and strengthen its decarbonization impact, the company said.