Global nutrition company Alltech is teaming up with Finnish recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) producer Finnforel to acquire a fish feed plant in Finland.

The companies are buying the Raisioaqua fish feed production facility from Finnish company Raisio.

Raisioaqua manufactures feed for aquaculture and specializes in functional feeding solutions suitable for northern conditions.

The acquisition will complete Finnforel’s "circular-economy" farming systems, while also enhancing aquaculture producers’ access to Alltech’s nutritional technologies, said the companies.

Finnforel and Alltech Coppens have been working together for several years.

Finnforel specializes in farming rainbow trout in RAS.

At the heart of Finnforel’s strategy are so-called "gigafactories" in which the company has control over the entire production chain, from broodstock, eggs, through to the end consumer product.

Another aquaculture facility will be completed in spring 2023.