Special Coverage: Coronavirus

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Danish feed giant BioMar, like so many companies around the world, is attempting to strike that careful balance between worker safety and ensuring its product continues to flow through the aquaculture food chain.

"We are managing with a strong focus on employee safety, but at the same time coping with the challenges to support our customers all around the world," BioMar CEO Carlos Diaz told IntraFish.

"It is difficult to predict how long will this be but we need to stay focused, calm, and support all measures to fight against this pandemic."

BioMar is taking different measures in the different countries in which it operates, based on the varying governmental reactions.

"So far we are succeeding with this in all our markets, with very strict protocols and an incredible dedication from all our teams around the world," Diaz said.

"When you are a global company, it is absolutely needed to stay and work close to authorities and, of course, local customers."

BioMar's production facilities are mostly automated, making it easier on the company to take precautionary measures compared to other more labor-intensive processes.

"But, of course, we need the logistics chain and raw material [supply] to function in a good way, which is our focus right now in all markets," Diaz said.