Feed manufacturer BioMar acquired a majority stake in the feed operations of one of Vietnam's leading integrated aquaculture operations, Viet-UC, one year after announcing plans to become part-owner and operational lead in a factory owned by Viet-UC.

The partnership gives BioMar access to one of the world's leading shrimp producing countries with a production close to 500,000 metric tons of shrimp.

BioMar is already a significant shrimp feed producer in South and Central America, with factories in Ecuador and Costa Rica.

Since 2012, the company has also been engaged in the development of feed and technical services for shrimp, utilizing the capabilities of global R&D in combination with trial facilities around the world, most recently through its advanced dedicated shrimp Aquaculture Technology Centre in Ecuador.

BioMar sees continued consolidation in the shrimp market as "almost a natural law," VP LATAM Shrimp and Hatchery Henrik Aarestrup previously told IntraFish.

BioMar was not as present in the shrimp sector a decade ago, which is why it reshaped its strategy to invade that market.

The first big step was acquiring Ecuador's Alimentsa in 2017, which delivers feed solutions to more than 300 Ecuadorian shrimp farmers and employs 145 people.

BioMar is also supplying shrimp feed to Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico from its facility in Costa Rica, which was not originally intended to serve that market.