Nebraska-based agribusiness giant Scoular on Monday announced it it has acquired Northwest Farm Food Cooperative’s frozen fish processing facility in Burlington, Washington.

The facility upcycles fish trimmings by processing them into frozen fish ingredients for pet food manufacturers, the company said.

The move compliments Scoular's opening last year of a new fishmeal processing facility in Oregon with partners Da Yang Seafood and Bornstein Seafoods.

Both facilities strengthen Scoular’s assets and capabilities to serve pet food customers with a sustainable supply of high-quality fish ingredients year-round, according to the company.

Scoular supplies salmon, tuna, sole, cod, hake and other seafood ingredients for pet food.

Its business is valued at $9 billion (€9.1 billion), according to the company.

Growth in the aquaculture and pet food industries has increased the demand for fishmeal that delivers highly digestible protein, according to Scoular.