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Numerous producers have joined the plant- and cell-based seafood ranks in recent months, keen to get in on the action of a growing market disruptor.

But there are still a lot of unknowns about the segment and its place in the market, with some seafood companies taking exception to its labeling and marketing approach.

This week's exclusive IntraFish live online event brought together executives from Santa Monica Seafood, Nutreco, Blue Nalu, Good Catch Foods and New Wave Foods to discuss these issues head to head.

Should plant- and cell-based companies be allowed to label their products with the names of seafood? Should their marketing be allowed to disparage the seafood sector? Do their nutritional benefits come close to seafood? Are consumers confused?

Watch the video below and check out our live updates as they happened. We will also be rolling out exclusive in-depth coverage from the event over the coming days, so keep checking back.