The North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF), originally scheduled to be held in March in Bergen, is being postponed until June 2022, following the emergence of the new COVID variant omicron, event organizers announced Wednesday.

The 17th NASF is now scheduled for June 21-23.

"After a careful consideration, the board gives the wellbeing and safety of our sponsors, partners and delegates the highest priority," the organizers said.

The global seafood industry is also seeing an increase in challenges related to the new COVID variant, they added.

"We recognize that the global seafood industry is facing challenges related to a lack of manpower, supply-chain friction, market inflation and the increased uncertainty caused by the omicron virus," said NASF General Manager Andre Akse.

"All our sponsors, partners, and upcoming delegates that we have spoken to, all have the same objective: they want to meet for NASF in Bergen personally."

By postponing NASF, organizers hope to provide all companies involved as much certainty as possible to ease planning and preparations related to the conference in Bergen.

NASF is the world’s largest business conference for the seafood industry, annually attracting around 850 delegates from 35 countries and 300 companies.