The agenda for the Jan. 16 IntraFish Women in Seafood Leadership Summit in San Diego features a star-studded line up of some of North America's top companies and executives:

Torunn Halhjem, Senior Director of Global Species, Trident Seafoods Photo: Ronny Rosenberg

Torunn Halhjem, Senior Director of Global Species, Trident Seafoods

Why work in seafood? The opportunities and challenges specific to the industry and how women are succeeding in different parts of the company.


Ali Turner, Sales Leader and Analise Gonzales, Corporate Trainer, New Business Development, Trident Seafoods

Keeping up with the boys. How can the sector attract new, diverse talent and what it must do better to empower and retain female leaders in the industry.


Mikel Durham, CEO, American Seafoods Photo: IntraFish

Mikel Durham, CEO, American Seafoods

From Pepsi to pollock: Joining the seafood sector from executive positions at some of the world’s biggest food brands, Durham gives her unique perspective on what the seafood industry could do to improve diversity.


Lisa Webb, VP Operations, Gorton’s

Investing in youth: How Gorton’s rotational management system is helping train and retain talent in the company.


Michael Kohan, Seafood Technical Director, Alaskan Seafood Marketing Institute

Bringing science to seafood: With a background in fisheries research, joining ASMI and its work lower down the supply chain put Kohan on a steep learning curve. But she is clearer now than ever on why more young people and women should be encouraged into the industry and what their unique talents bring to a traditionally male-oriented sector.


Jacqueline Claudia, CEO, Love the Wild Photo: J. Buhl

Jacqueline Claudia, CEO, Love the Wild

Behind the scenes at a seafood start-up . For a small company, Love the Wild has made a big mark on seafood product development and branding, even attracting investment from Leonardo DiCaprio.


Jennifer Smigelski, Director of Talent Development, Thai Union North America

People power. Every company’s success depends on its people. Smigelski talks to us about driving engagement, learning, diversity and inclusion at the North American arm of the world’s largest seafood company.


Helga Sigurros Valgeirsdottir, Senior Account Manager, Arion Bank

Looking in from the outside: Sigurros’s position on the seafood team of one of Iceland’s biggest banks has given her unique perspective on the corporate workings of the seafood sector, and the challenges still to be faced in having diverse representation in the sector.

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