Diversified Communications, which operates the Boston and Brussels seafood shows, has selected two new potential dates for Seafood Expo North America following a postponement of the event over coronavirus fears.

The event, initially scheduled for March 15-17, was pushed back on March 3 because of continuing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus flu.

On Tuesday, Diversified also postponed its Brussels event, planned for the end of April.

In an email survey mail to exhibitors Wednesday obtained by IntraFish, Diversified suggested two options, both to be held at the standard venue of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center: May 31-June 2, and Sept. 22-23.

The May dates, which would run Sunday through Tuesday, would mirror the existing Boston set up, Diversified said, with a move in date beginning May 26, and a move out date of June 4, for a total of three expo days.

The September option would be only two expo days, running on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

That event would be smaller and shorter, Diversified said, with a "new concept" of potentially smaller booth space and a redrawn floor plan, with only Halls B and C available.

In addition, "very few" meeting rooms would be available.

Diversified offered exhibitors two additional options in its survey, one indicating that either date would work "as long as valuable buyers will be there," while a fourth option is that neither date would work.

Diversified asked exhibitors to supply a response by March 11. In announcing the Boston cancellation, the group said it would provide new dates for the event on March 18.