Salmon's Aysen presence

Salmon Producers:

  • Aquachile
  • Australis Seafoods
  • Blumar
  • Cermaq
  • Cooke Aquaculture
  • Invermar
  • Marine Farm
  • Mowi
  • Multiexport
  • Salmones Antártica
  • Salmones Austral
  • Salmones Camanchaca
  • Salmones de Chile
  • Yadrán

Salmon Suppliers:

  • Badinotti
  • Fiordo Austral
  • Oxxean

The coronavirus lockdown in Chile's southern Aysen region, home to a more a than a dozen salmon producers and suppliers, has tightened further with no one allowed in or out by air or road.

People and goods now can only be moved by sea.

Measures extend to salmon producers, processors and suppliers, as well as their subcontractors.

Evacuations from the area can only be made in case of emergency or prior notice and coordination with Aysen health authorities.