The progress of a promising pelagic fish oil-based coronavirus treatment has been held up as rival companies scramble for patients to trial their products on.

"Literally every hospital we go to has about 90 clinical trials ongoing for COVID right now but they don't have 90 patients," KD Pharma Group Chief Strategy Officer Adam Ismail told IntraFish.

"It's hard to get patients into the trial when there is so much competition."

Results were expected earlier but should be released by the end of November.

IntraFish first reported on the the formulation, developed in partnership between KD Pharma and SLA Pharma, in April.

Capsules, which contain a trademarked formulation, are taken orally.

In the study, the pills are being given to patients that have contracted coronavirus, with the aim of minimizing symptoms to reduce the risk of coronavirus complications progressing to serious outcomes such as the need for artificial ventilation and intensive care.

After enrollment, eligible patients with a positive COVID-19 test result are given the product within a day of hospitalization and continue treatment for one month with a two-week follow up.

They are monitored for progression to more serious outcomes and signs of inflammation, with the aim that the treatment could help reduce the risk of mortality in severely ill patients.

EPAspire, as the supplement is called, is a formulation of highly purified eicosapentaenoic acid free fatty acid (EPA-FFA) capsules.

It is currently undergoing separate clinical trials in Europe for the treatment of a type of colon cancer known as familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP).


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