Juan Soler Manfredini 11

Piso 15

Oficina 1501, Puerto Montt


Phone: +56 65-25-69-600


Company type: Private

Key investors: Schörghuber Corporate Group

Subsidiaries: BluGlacier

Brands: Pristine Salmon, Silverside, BluGlacier

Ventisqueros key executives

Jose Luis Vial, general manager and CEO

Fernando Perez, commercial manager

Alexis Bolados, farming manager

Gonzalo Acevedo, processing manager

Privately owned Chilean salmon producer Ventisqueros has long been a medium-size farmer with big ambitions.

Founded in 1985 in Chile’s Patagonian region, Ventisqueros operates three hatcheries, 26 salmon farms and two processing plants. The company produces 40,000 metric tons of salmon annually, of which 75 percent is Atlantic and 25 percent is coho.