Maruha Nichiro

2-20-3 chome, Toyosu


Tokyo, Japan

Phone:+81-03-3216-0226+81- 03-3216-0226


Company type: Public

Subsidiaries (partial list): The company has a total of 98 subsidiaries and 55 affiliates. Westward Seafoods, Alyeska Seafoods, Premier Pacific Seafoods, Peter Pan Seafoods, Trans-Ocean Products, Seafood Connection Holding, Austral Fisheries, Kingfisher Holdings, N&N Foods, Zhejiang Industrial Group, Taiyo A&F, Qingdao TAFCO Food, AK & MN BioFarm, Bengal Fisheries, Sakana del Peru

Maruha Nichiro key executives:

Shigeru Ito, CEO and president

When Japan-based Maruha Group and Nichiro merged in 2007, the result was what is now the biggest seafood company in the world; it provides canned, frozen and other processed seafoods to markets around the globe through more than 100 companies.