Labeyrie Fine Foods

Zone Artisanale de l’Hippodrome

64520 Came


Phone: +33 559-58-04-20


Company type: Private

Key investors: Lur Berri and PAI Partners (86 percent), management (14 percent)

Subsidiaries: Blini, Labeyrie, Delpierre, Lyons Seafood, Farne Salmon & Trout, Labeyrie Fine Foods International, Labeyrie Fine Foods Retail, Groupe Aqualande

Brands: Blini, Delpierre, Labeyrie, Farne, Lyons, Pere Olive, L'Atelier Blini

Labeyrie Fine Foods key executives

Frédérick Bouisset, president

Philippe Perrineau, CFO

Jacques Trottier, managing director Labeyrie

Stanislas Giraurd, managing director Delpierre

Francois le Gallo, managing director Labeyrie Fine Foods International

Labeyrie Fine Foods has steadily built on its strong brand and is now undoubtedly one of Europe's largest and most-respected smoked salmon producers.