Jealsa Rianxeira

Bodion, 18

Boiro, A Coruña 15938


Phone: +34 98-18-45-400


Company type: Private

Subsidiaries (partial list): Mare Aperto Foods, Industria Atunera Centroamericana, Crusoe Foods, Jealsa Chile, Sant Yago

Brands: Rianxeira, Escuris, Robinson Crusoe, MareAperto, Pet Select, Valora, Soluco la Mer, Chancerelle Frères

Jealsa Rianxeira key executives

Jesus Alonso Fernandez, founder

Jesus Manuel Alonso Escurí, CEO

Privately-owned Jealsa Rianxeira was founded by Jesús Alonso Fernández in 1958. Since its beginnings, the group has grown into a conglomerate with some 24 subsidiaries, including non-seafood related sales.

Its activities can be divided into its canned fish and seafood business on the one hand, where the group owns subsidiaries such as Crusoe Foods in Chile and now Brazil, as well as Mare Aperto in Italy, Escuris in Spain and the brand Soluco la Mer in France.