Huon Aquaculture

Hideaway Bay Head Office

PO Box 42

Dover, Tasmania 7117


Phone: +61 03-62-95-81-11


Company type: Public

Key investors: Surveyors Investments, Peter Bender, Frances Bender, IOOF Holdings

Subsidiaries: Springs Smoked Seafoods, Springfield Hatcheries, Huon Ocean Trout, Huon Shellfish, Huon Salmon, Huon Smoked Seafoods, Huon Smoked Salmon, Huon Seafoods, Huon Tasmanian Salmon, Springs Smoked Salmon, Southern Ocean Trout, Morrison's Seafood, Meadowbank Hatchery

Brands: Huon, Huon Reserve Selection

Huon Aquaculture key executives

Peter Bender, CEO and managing director

Frances Bender, executive director

Philip Wiese, deputy CEO

Thomas Haselgrove, CFP and company secretary

Husband and wife Peter and Frances Bender founded Huon Aquaculture in 1986.