Grupo Videla

Unifrisa building

No. 12-14, 2 Transversal street

Mercabarna E-08040 Barcelona


Phone: +34 93-262-69-40


Company type: Private

Subsidiaries: Pescados Videla, Unifrisa, Videla Consignaciones, Ces Consignaciones, Sumgel, Jeronimo Xampeny Consignaciones

Brands: CONVI, Frigo

Grupo Videla key executives

Juan Videla, CEO

Barcelona-based group Pescados Videla was founded by Eugenio Videla Chouza back in 1949. Today, it processes, distributes and commercializes frozen and fresh fish as well as shellfish.

The company operates a processing plant in Barcelona, and distributes its products through different channels, mainly foodservice, wholesalers and retailers.