Grupo Conservas Garavilla

Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia

Laida Bidea, Edificio 407 2ª planta

48170 Zamudio


Phone: +34 94-617-90-00


Company type: Private

Key investors: Bolton Group, Garavilla family, Axis

Brands: Isabel, Masso, Cuca, Naturfresh

Grupo Conservas Garavilla key executives

Ernesto Trovamala, president

Juan Corrales Garavilla, CEO

Alessanddra Coppola, director

Juan Corrales Garavilla, director

Best known under the name of its flagship brand, Isabel, Grupo Conservas Garavilla is one of Spain’s largest canners.

Through its six factories and a fleet catching some 40,000 metric tons in the Pacific Ocean the Basque group is fully integrated from catch to sales.